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Our company “Service Avtoindustriya” is here for you to offer the best and the most suitable auto parts for your transport. We have a very wide choice of technical equipment for your commercial auto. We work individually with every customer and try to help our best to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Our main features

Our product range is much wider than our competitors’. In the catalog, any car owner can easily find spare parts of different brands for trucks, as well as agricultural machinery, buses and small cars. 

how to buy avtoindustriya

Our main feature is that we have our own production of spare parts, and they are working as good as the branded foreign parts, or even better (depends on the car you use your parts with).

So you can find exactly what you are looking for:

  1. Branded original parts or high-quality fake.
  2. Our production spare parts for any kind of transport.
  3. Domestic or foreign brands of parts.
  4. New or used parts.

When you order spare parts for any kind of transport you buy it by the best prices all over the market. You can easily compare our prices to any other you can find. We sell our products at the production prices, which make us the leaders of the costs.

Delivery and packaging

We pack our orders very carefully, because we know how each part works and we take account to the degree of fragility of every piece. Be sure you will get your auto parts safe and sound.

Delivery of the orders is carried out to every country and part of the world you are in. The duration and cost of the delivery varies from the destination of the final location. 

Make an order once with “Service Avtoindustriya” and you will not switch to others ever again.